1. Roy

    Congratulations on making a fresh start, Deborah! The site looks beautiful, and I hope this beginning is good to you! I am glad you didn’t let the trouble get in the way of your continuing to communicate with the rest of the world! The Honeybee and the Hare has a special place in the world…and it is good that it should remain so. For those of us who like to daydream, imagine, remember our own childhoods, and to revisit the power of story, your site is invaluable! I hope some day I’ll be able to call one of your works my own! With love and sweet, good wishes.

  2. Sandra

    To echo Roy…Congratulations!
    The Honeybee and the Hare captured by heart and soul from the beginning – I, too have a fondness for animals (and bees). I am pleased that you came out of the turmoil with such a lovely site.
    The best in your new digital identity…thank you for continuing to fill our imaging with such wonderful creatures and stories. I look forward to what comes next!

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