1. This wonderful post really couldn’t have come at a better time for me Deborah – thank you! I’m having a crisis of confidence, of style, of what I even want to paint or draw. Such insightful words, that I have re-read this a couple of times. I feel inspired to relax a bit and just let the pen loose on the paper… Siobhan xo

    • Thanks Siobhan! I know what it is to have a crisis of confidence, which is unfortunately par for the course. But when it hits it’s good to take time to listen and connect to who we really are and resist the urge to panic – something I keep needing to remind myself of, hence the post! Best wishes on forging your own creative path xx

  2. Florence Button

    Your sage advice is very meaningful to me, Deborah. I find myself needing the quiet to become reacquainted with who I really am so that I can pick up my pen again. There are so many daily and constant means of distraction in my life that despite the noise, I often feel isolated from what matters most. Thank you for putting in words what I needed to recognize.

    • Thanks again for a lovely comment Florence. I know what you mean about being “isolated from what matters most” – distractions can so easily eat up our time, energy and focus and it can be a real challenge to create the space to be quiet and listen. I suppose the key for all of us is to move from ‘knowing’ what we need to taking action and actually making the time, even if it costs us to do so. We must create our own paths but at least we have fellow pilgrims to share our experiences with. I hope that you and your pen become re-acquainted very soon! xx

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