“Deborah Sheehy’s whimsical paintings and drawings are sure to conjure up memories of animals portrayed in your favourite children’s storybooks…”

 Empty Easel

A few things about me…

Born in Glasgow, I grew up with a longing to wander and to seek out wild places. And so on leaving University I spent some years living in lands near and far, including the Philippines, India and Wales, before moving to the beautiful Isle of Bute. In December 2017 I returned to Glasgow where I now nest in a quiet nook with my Chef husband.

While living in Wales I worked in an office by day and created art by night, before finally leaving my day job in the summer of 2015 to return to Scotland and take up the mantle of Full Time Artist. My artwork can be found in private collections around the world and has been exhibited in multiple countries.

 A few things about the Art…

My earliest memories are woven through with stories old and new and a deep love of animals and birds of all furs and feathers. These threads have knotted ever more tightly through my adult life and, as such, my artwork is a collection of creatures and illustrations created with paint and pencil in landscapes both real and otherworldly.

While I love all animals it is the lean and graceful hare that has long been my overall favourite subject to paint and draw, but the inspiration runs deeper than mere aesthetics. The hare, for me, embodies what it means to be truly wild – that good, clean wildness that hasn’t been corrupted or reshaped but is fully itself – and the mystery of creation in a world that thinks it knows everything.

I hope you like what you find here on this little nook – feel free to contact me with queries or just to say hello