1. Sandra Grosso

    Thank you for your email. I had become concerned by your silence. One of my favorite thoughts comes from a movie, “No matter where you go, there you are.” We make ‘home’ where we find ourselves. I too, moved around and lived in many States but, I am back to where I was a child. Home is with my family, my in and outside friends, and that which speaks to my soul. Congratulations on your new home. Sandra from the States

    • Hi Sandra, thank you for your thoughts and also for your concern! I completely agree with your views on what home is, and it’s interesting that you too find yourself back living in your childhood area after much travelling around. Perhaps after finding freedom from the idea of home as a physical space it’s possible to have a greater appreciation of those places that have been significant in our personal history…? Something I’m still pondering.
      Deborah x

  2. Florence Button

    Every joy and blessing in your home. I did wonder where you were, but thought it might have to do with the Christmas Season. I look forward to hearing and seeing more in the coming months. Happiest of New Years. Sincerely, Florence Button

  3. Karen Phillips

    Wonderful to hear your news, I had noticed that you were having a tweetless time. I assumed that you were working on another beautiful project & in the fullness of time you would generously share it with us.
    Glad that this assumption was correct, even if it was not quite what I’d imagined.
    Wishing you, my dear friend, happiness in your new nest & as someone with an eye for the beauty of nature no matter where you find yourself, you will find inspiration in Glasgow.
    Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
    Wishing you a wonderful, peaceful & inspired New Year
    Love Karen xxxx

    • Hello my friend, thank you for your kind words and thoughts! Yes, I have been taking an extended break from social media and it’s been nice to keep a simple practice in the midst of a lot of change. I may re-emerge on those spots in the New Year but I’m rather enjoying the mental space to be honest. However I will certainly be more ‘present’ on here than I have been so expect the sharing of some new works and news in the coming weeks and months.
      May 2018 be a wondrous year for you and yours xxxx

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