1. Siobhan

    Another wonderful, thought-provoking, positive post Deborah! This very issue of having a ‘style’ is something I have been struggling with over the past few years and your words have made me feel so much better and confident. There are a few artists, in particular people I follow on Instagram, whose art I admire very much, but who create the same image or look over and over again. I wondered, many times, if I should follow suit? I think not. I loved your soul-searching questions, which I have written in my journal and return to frequently. Wishing you a lovely week ahead.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts Siobhan, I’m so glad that these words resonated with you. I thought twice about posting my thoughts on this subject as I know others take a much more pragmatic or business-like view of such things, and of course those views are completely valid and true for certain folk. But I hoped that my own perspective, struggles and conclusions would perhaps offer encouragement to like-minded souls, so I’m really grateful for your feedback xx

  2. Florence Button

    The thought that drew me in this post, concerned the fluidity of art in all its forms and I believe that without it, we would indeed be caged. Your wisdom always resonates, Deborah, and is reflected in all that you share. Thank you for allowing access to the loveliness. Sincerely, Florence.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your response Florence – I truly appreciate the time and thought you give to my sharings. Yes, we definitely need to maintain that fluidity in our creative endeavors to keep us flowing and out of a cage of our own making xx

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